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Ofsted and SIAMs report

Ofsted reported: St Peter’s is an outstanding school that offers a high quality of education for all its pupils. Its success is underpinned by constant striving for improvement. The overwhelming majority of parents strongly support the school, considering it ‘tremendous in delivering a rounded education’.

A real strength of the school is its provision of exceptional care, guidance and support for all pupils. Personal development is outstanding. Especially good liaison with outside agencies provides sensitive, effective support for those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Because academic and personal progress is checked extremely effectively,pupils achieve very well, reach high standards in their work, and develop into mature and responsible community members. Pupils are proud of their happy school with its mixed community and harmonious relationships. Detailed attention ensures pupils work and play in a safe environment. Attendance figures are above average. Older pupils enjoy lessons and their many responsibilities, particularly for looking after younger children and for fund raising for wider community needs. They learn to stay healthy and enjoy recently improved meals and snacks as well as participating enthusiastically in physical activities. Pupils are well prepared for their next stage of education, and visits and visitors provide good insights into working opportunities and society’s many roles.

To read the full report, please view the PDF document below or find the report on the Ofsted website here.

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